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In springtime, Crete is covered by a carpet of flowers. Wildflowers bloom everywhere - along the roadsides, in the olive and orange groves, in the gorges and on the hillsides. Many flowers which grow wild on Crete are found elsewhere in gardens: gladioli, cyclamen, anemones, geraniums, grape hyacinths, iris and tulips, to name just a few. Then there are the wild orchids. There are several different types found on Crete: we found ophrys orchids which look like insects, serapias or long-lipped orchids, and many different members of the orchis family. I am still working on the orchid photos but hope to have the photos up soon. It is very difficult to identify the type of orchid since many are hybrids.

I have tried to identify all the flowers in these photos but, if anyone spots an error or can identify other flowers in the photo, I would appreciate it very much if they would let me know so that I can correct it.

Reference books: "Wild Flowers of Crete" by George Sfikas and "Farbatlas Mediterrane Pflanzen" by Andrea Bärtels.

Dracungulus vulgaris
Dracungulus vulgaris - Dragon arum at Loutro
Ebenus cretica
Ebenus cretica - Mt. Jouchtos
Echium plantagineum
Echium plantagineum - Buglos - Moni Prevali
Ferula communis
Ferula communis - Giant fennel - Armeni
Gladiolus italicus
Gladiolus italicus - Gladiolus at Neo Horio
Gladiolus italicus
Gladiolus italicus - Gladiolus - Polyrinia
Gladiolus italicus
Gladiolus italicus - Gladiolus
Gynandriris mmonophylla
Gynandriris monophylla - Diktanos Gorge
Gynandriris sisyrinchium
Glynandriris sisyrinchium -
Neo Horio orange orchards
  Glynandriris sisyrinchium
Glynandriris sisyrinchium - at Armeni
Hibiscus at Phestos
Iris planiflora? Iris lutescens?
Neo Horio orchards
Iris cretica
Iris cretica - Cretan Iris
at Moni Prevali Kato
Laurus nobilis
Laurus nobilis - Laurel
between Neo Horio and Paidohori
Lupinus albus subsp. graecus
Lupinus albus subspecies graecus
Cardaria draba (Hairy Cress) on left
Scandix (Shepherd's Needles) or Tordylium? (Hartwort) on right - Roman wells
Malva parviflora? cretica? - Stilos
Muscari cycladicum
Muscari cycladicum - Grape Hyacinth - Kokkino Horio
Oles - olive trees
Olea - Olive trees
Neo Horeo
Ornithogalum divergens - Star of Bethlehem
Ornithogalum divergens - Star of Bethlehem
at Roman wells at Gavalohori 
Papaver rhoeas - Poppies
Papaver rhoeas - Poppies - Moni Prevali
Is this a poppy?
Near Neo Horeo


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