Knossos, Crete 1998

The second week we rented a car, which gave us a lot more freedom to travel farther afield. One day we drove to Knossos to visit the Minoan ruins, then south to Mt. Jouchtas to see the flowers and vultures. We also visited Minoan ruins at Phestos and Agia Triada, and a Minoan necropolis at Armeni near Rethymnon.

Ancient road into Knossos
The ancient roadway leading into Knossos..

The ancient road leads into a large open space and up a wide stairway to a raised terrace. One could easily image the Minoan king and his courtiers enthroned there, waiting to greet the procession of dignitaries approaching along the road.

Ancient road into Knossos
Knossos - building with 3 columns
One of several partially reconstructed buildings which help the visitor to imagine what Knossos was like. For many years archaeologists denounced Arthur Evans for his reconstructions at the beginning of the twentieth century but excavations on the island of Santorini north of Crete have shown that Evans' work was indeed correct.
The palace was made up of several large courtyards surrounded by buildings with balconies and arcades.

Buildings in Knossos were multistoreyed. At least 4 levels can be seen in this photo showing one of the spacious courtyards.

Knossos showing at least 4 levels
Knossos courtyard

Another courtyard and some reconstructed buildings.

The palace complex also contained large storage areas with stone bins and huge jars.
Knossos storage room
Knossos - 2 storage jars
The storage jars are decorated with many different patterns.
More storage jars. The large jars are about a metre high and would need at least 2 men to carry them when full.
Knossos - 3 storage jars
Knossos - room with 3 columns The living rooms were beautifully decorated clustered around small courtyards to give them light and air.
Another brightly decorated room. Knossos - room eith 4 columns
Knossos - boy with llilies
The youth with lilies is one of the most famous wall paintings in Knossos.
More wall paintings - boys carrying jars and pitchers.
Knossos - boys carrying jars
Knossos - 3 ladies Three court ladies.
Part of a fresco with a blue monkey.
Knossos - bllue monkey
Knossos - blue monkey with lillies Another blue monkey among lilies and other plants.
Another famous wall painting in Knossos. Youths are vaulting over the back of a running bull.
The palace really was a labyrinth - I looked all over for the fresco of the dolphins which I saw on our first visit, but could not find it this time.
Knossos - bulljumping
Knossos - throneroom
The hallway into the throne room.
The throne room in Knossos with stone throne. Knossos - throneroom

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